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Rendering is the process whereby an external wall covering, applied by hand and tools, is applied by a plasterer to protect the bricks or blocks from which the building is constructed from and is normally covered with paint or a wall coatings to protect the render surface from cracks or erosion.
If the exterior walls of the building are covered in render, good maintenance of the wall covering is required, to avoid the instances of cracking and the penetration of damp through the render and into the building.



The render on the exterior part of a building is subject to weathering and erosion and if the house render coating is not protected with some form of wall covering, problems will start to appear over time, and if left unchecked, often get worse, and subsequently more expensive.
Rendering is the process whereby we cover the exterior wall surface either with a sand and cement, a lime based, or a synthetic resin based coloured render.
We provide full render and paint coating packages for all surfaces.

  • Cement Render
  • Acrylic Render
  • Solid Plastering
  • Polished Plaster
  • Architectural Render – Specialised Coatings
  • Architectural panels
  • Foams
  • Specialised Finishes
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We provide a professional painting service, we are member of “MPA – Master Painters Australia” and accredited “DULUX” with 10 years warranty.


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